I started taking zumba in December and haven't been the same since. I used to be able to walk, talk, laugh and live a normal life...now I'm addicted to ZUMBA! I think about it all the time. The catchey fun songs fill my mind night and day. The difficult and challenging routines keep me light footed and dancing through the day. I hate to exercise...always have.
Now I can't wait for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and I'm very disappointed when I have other committments that prevent me from attending. I will never be the extraordinary dancer that Jamie is but I can keep on trying and in my mind I'm really pretty amazing. I haven't felt, slept or looked this great in years or enjoyed life more. I plan to keep on dancing and doing Zumba forever. Thanks Jamie for being such an wonderful teacher.

-Sincerely, Mary Payne

I love your class more than any! You are so energetic, always smiling, and seem to enjoy what you are doing! That translates nto a great excercise class that is fun and healthy and inspiring! Thanks for all you do!

-Sincerely, Merlyn Lazorow

Jamie's fabulous "Joie De Vivre" and eclectic choregography will keep you coming back for more and more.


I love to dance and finding Jamie has been the perfect fit. She always has a smile and is very encouraging when we are dancing along. I am hooked on Zumba, with its latin flair and am addicted to Bellydancing. The music, the dance- I can not get enough. Jaimie is an inspiration-one I would like to model!

-Annie Gay

I absolutely love Jamie's ZUMBA class and can't get enough of it. She is an excellent instructor and keeps the class engaged for the entire hour, which passes quicker than any other excercise class I've ever taken. She is so enthusiastic and has a vast array of dance excercise routines and a great variety of cultural music. Every month she changes the choreography and keeps us from getting bored. Jamie is the best!

-Barb Kane

What makes Jamie stand out as an instructor beyond her incredible dance skills and musicality, is her ability to interact with students. With her continuous smile, encouragement and playful approach, she motivates people of all ages to go out of their comfort range and risk trying new moves. She creates an atmosphere where the most conservative participants have fun letting go & “shaking it” while being able to laugh at themselves.

As a long-term instructor and participant at our Y, I have experienced some great classes, but I have never witnessed the kind of energy and willingness to try something different from any other class. It is great to see the amazing transformation in the students who may be hesitant to even try Jamie’s classes at first because they assume they “can’t dance” to the huge smiles on their faces as their “inner dancer” emerges. Both Jaime’s Zumba and Belly-dance classes are experiences that become addictive—she has truly added a breath of fresh air to the fitness program!

-Linda Chang